Antonio Negri

Few European Intellectuals have experienced as much admiration and hatred, as much praise and rejection as Antonio Negri. Few have had so much turmoil in their lives. Antonio Negri is a university professor, philosopher, militant, refugee, enemy of the state and today one of the figureheads of the critical globalisation movement. The film portrays a life of a revolt, which never ends.


  • - Screening on Antonio Negri's 80th Birthday

    On August 1st Antonio Negri turns 80. In honour of this occasion the film “Antonio Negri – A Revolt that [...]

    On August 1st Antonio Negri turns 80. In honour of this occasion the film "Antonio Negri - A Revolt that never ends" by Alexandra Welz will be screened the night before at an special event. The program includes a summary on the situation in Italy and the movement of the left wing by Frank Engster; Ben Trott will talk about Negri in his French exile. The director will be pleased to answer questions of the audience. Negri himself will speak to the attendants in a video message. 31 July 2013, 8 pm, at "About Blank", Markgrafendamm 24c, Berlin

    Production „Antonio Negri - a revolt that never ends“

Antonio Negri

A Revolt that never ends

Over the years few intellectuals have experienced as much admiration and hatred, or as much praise and rejection, as Antonio Negri. Hardly anyone had such a contradictory and eventful life. Negri is a university professor, philosopher, militant, prisoner, refugee, exiler and Italians public enemy and considered today as one of the most important spokesperson of the critical anti-globalization movement.

It is Negri’s impact on the outer-parliamentary protest movements of the 70’s that makes him one of the most controversial figures in the Italian history. In the time of occupations of industrial factories, it were his theories and texts that served as the point of reference for the radical Autonomia movement. The government on the other hand understood it as the theoretical matrix on which the quickly expanding terror was evolving. Negri became the „cattivo maestro“, the seducer of the young people – a state enemy with alleged connections to the Red Brigades and to the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. The climax of the conflicts in the Italian society catapulted Negri into imprisonment and later into exile. It is only since April 2003, that Antonio Negri – today nearly 70 years old – is released from Italian persecution and can move freely again.

Negri’s spectacular return from exile is his personal attempt to end one of the most violent chapters of Italian history. It is also the return to present time: At the turn of the millennium it is again in Italy where he returns to the political stage. Together with the US-American literary academic, Michael Hardt, he composes the book EMPIRE, which is published in 2000. A theoretical piece of work – the new “communist manifesto” of the 21. century – that advances to an international bestseller. Negri becomes the figurehead of the anti-globalization movement. The sequel “Multitude: War and Democracy in the Empire” is published in September 2004

The two directors Alexandra Weltz and Andreas Pichler will portray, from a contemporary perspective a time span from the early 60’s until immediate present time. The nucleus of the film will be spun around Antonio Negri, whose political and biographic maturity reflects, like no other the developments of the outer-parliamentary opposition in Italy. Negri’s statements will be extended and commented by witnesses of the time and former comrades.

Director and Script: Alexandra Weltz und Andreas Pichler
Director of Photography: Dietmar Ratsch, Christine Meier, Andreas Pichler
Sound: Frank Gonzalez und Alexandra Weltz
Editing: Evi Romen und Kathy Copony
Research: Niccolo Bruna, Karlotta Ehrenberg
Scientific Consultant: Thomas Atzert
Music: Jan Tilman Schade
Sound engineering: Florian Gehlen
Line Producer: Arek Gielnik
Producer: Eva Rink
Executive Producer: Christian and Reinhardt Beetz
Commissioning editor: Martin Pieper (ZDF/arte)



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