Corinna Harfouch – Ma Vie/My Life

Goebbel’s wife, Vera Brühne and “the devil’s general”: Corinna Harfouch is not what abundantly exists in Germany – a star. Her acting skills are one of a kind because of her authenticity.
The director accompanied the actress for half a year. It is a very personal, poetic portrayal, focusing on life’s really important questions that affect everyone.

Corinna Harfouch – Ma Vie/My Life

Corinna Harfouch – she attains great success: in theatre, film and television. Everything that’s possible for an actress of her generation- she got it. Consequently embodying extremes of human being. Her staging is always a balancing act between abysses. Just with the shade of a gesticulation, she is able to give a surprise twist to destiny. By figuring melancholic, cursed by blind fate characters, she had gained a reputation as an outstanding actress.
She won many awards – so she got the Gertrud-Eysoldt-Ring for her role in the Frank Castorf production “Des Teufels General”. Because of this she also became actress of the year 1997. But she also convinces as funny witch in “Bibi Blocksberg” and was awarded as best supporting actress.
But who is the personality behind this changeable and seemly unapproachable woman? Director Sabine Michel accompanied the actress for one year to create this portrait. We will meet Corinna Harfouch at her idyllic cottage, sitting in front of a chimney. We watch the rehearsals and also attend at official occasions. Again and again her talent to be unadjusted will astound us. She is curios- obsessed with life.
Corinna – the farouche. Corinna – the rigour. Corinna – the beauty. Of course she is beautiful, but it is her charisma we are talking about – a mysterious confusion of nature and talent. “I like to show how complicating life is, by acting my roles. Also to show, that humans are individuals.” The visions of this woman, what she’s believing, what is her impulse – that are the questions of this documentary.  That’s why an intimate and poetic portrait has arisen – a glimpse behind the scenes.

Director: Sabine Michel
Book: Sabine Michel, Maria Wischnewski

Director of Photography/ Sound: Martin Langner
Music: Shaban
Editor: Gudrun Steinbrück
Compositing: Jörg Höhne
Photography: Ina Voigt

Executive Producer:Christian Beetz
Producer: Maria Wischnewski
Line Producer: Kathrin Isberner
Filmgeschäftsführung: Daniela Schöne
Production Assistance: Susanne Radelhof
Technical Management: Phillip Weigold

Editorial: Ann-Christin Hornberger


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