Digital Diary

DIGITAL DIARY is a new and radical television format creating a visual diary based on the flood of digital images. DIGITAL DIARY connects biographical content, artistic impressions, journalistic stories and informational services to an universal blogTV.

Digital Diary

Digital Diary is a radically new TV-format, that compiles every week from the ocean of digital images a visual diary of our life. Digital Diary combines artistic and biographical impressions, journalistic forms and online-services to an universal BlogTV. In Digital Diary artists and Video-Jokeys combine material, that has been recorded all over the world with camcorders and mobile phones, to an entire independent stream of images. Digital Diary will present the most trendsetting videoblogs and websites in compelling, personalized stories, shot by the protagonists themselves. Authentic material, edited and structured by Digital Diary, updated forth to a novel of our time.

idea and concept: Fred Grimm und Reinhardt Beetz
director: Reinhardt Beetz
production manager: Thomas Fischer

  • Digital Diary - Sexuality worldwide

    14 July 2016 at 12:55 am