The Process of Recovering

Marcia Wickham, a child incest survivor, has accomplished what’s almost impossible: After years of suppression, of silence, of unbearable pain, a failed suicide attempt finally brings her to therapy. Together with her therapist, she embarks on a journey to the past – in order to find peace in the present. “I am a really happy person now”, she states today.
Marcia’s intimate and overwhelmingly honest storytelling is carefully combined with private archive footage and almost fictional imagery.
The documentary “The Process of Recovering“ is the testimony of Marcia’s remarkable self-recovery and sparks hope for the numerous victims of sexual violence whose experiences are still tabooed around the globe.

The Process of Recovering

Marcia Wickham experiences a sheltered childhood in rural Pennsylvania in the 1960s. Until suddenly everything changes: At the age of seven her father rapes her for the first time. It is the beginning of a long series of regular sexual abuse. Today, Marcia considers herself a happy person. How she managed to get over her traumatic childhood experiences is told in the feature-length documentary “The Process of Recovering“.

In intimate interviews, Marcia takes us on a journey – to her painful past, but also to her hopeful present and future. Private video material and subtle re-enactment scenes illustrate the narrative and create the atmospheric framework for Marcia’s story. A few close confidants, such as her therapist, friends, life partners, but also Marcia’s former pastor who knew about the abuse but looked away, complete her narrative.

Shot over seven years of trusting collaboration with director Jon Bulette, who is the son of her therapist, “The Process of Recovering” is also the final act of her recovery: For the first time, she openly speaks about her story, unapologetic and without shame.

One-third of all women worldwide experience sexual abuse in their lives. Despite the shockingly high numbers, the topic is still taboo – and if there is reporting, it’s mostly focused on sensationalizing the victim or scandalizing the perpetrator. “The Process of Recovering” stands out here.

The case of Marcia is unusual – and shall encourage all those who have experienced similar trauma.

A film by:
Jonathan Fisk Bulette

Jason B. Kohl
Nora Mandray

Written by:
Jason B. Kohl
Nora Mandray
Virdinia Lieberman

Produced by:
Christian Beetz
Jonathan Fisk Bulette

Caroline Schaper
Jason B. Kohl
Nora Mandray
Barrant Nelson

Associate Producer:
Rabea Rahmig

Executive Producer:
Stone Roberts

Line Producers:
Megan Boal
Roman Palylyk
Kathrin Isberner

Director of Photography:
Barrant Nelson (DOP)
Brandon Widener

Viridiana Lieberman

Nicholas Oddy

David Goldman
Musegarden Recording NYC
Andy Taub
Brooklyn Recording

Production design:
Victoria Lancaster

Stacy Scripter
Xavier Agudo
Michael Czeizinger

Production Manager:
Brianna Harris
Sellina Santiago
Dani Eddy

Commissioning Editor:
Eric Friedler (NDR)



  • The Process of Recovering

    19 August 2020 at 12:00 am