World Economic Forum (WT)

A never-seen-before inside perspective on the World Economic Forum: Marcus Vetter’s new film tells the struggle between global business leaders and national politicians to solve the world’s most urgent problems. Can the WEF, as a platform, help to shape a better future for our planet, or is it just the perfect cover for businesses to lobby their own agendas?

World Economic Forum (WT)

The World Economic Forum in Davos is widely known as a yearly get-together of the worldwide economic and political elite. Hardly known, however, is the network behind it that spans the globe and pursues nothing less than a “global agenda”.

When the founder Klaus Schwab brought together this world elite in 1971 for the first time to discuss major global topics and ethical questions and to foster solutions for their own problems, nobody expected that this idea would live on like a fairy tale for soon 50 years: Schwab’s vision made history in Davos, under his auspices it became a place where wars ended and peace treaties were signed, under the slogan “Committed to improving the world” the pioneering spirit of the World Economic Forum put the topics of tomorrow on the agenda of today – from climate change to the 4th industrial revolution, the beginning of the digital age.

Our world is once again at a crossroads and at the 2019 WEF, the world’s most pressing problems will be negotiated: from the threatening climate catastrophe, to nationalistic throwbacks in the US, Russia and many European countries, to current trade wars and the unpredictable progression of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and robotics. Can a platform such as the World Economic Forum contribute to solving these problems – or will it be exploited by the uncompromising claims of its participants?

Director: Marcus Vetter
Producer: Georg Tschurtschenthaler, Caroline Schaper
Executive Producer: Christian Beetz
Co-Producer: Werner Schweizer, Karin Koch


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