Village Love

Village Love tells the dramatic and rousing story of Berka’s inhabitants. How they tried to build their existence again and again after the war and during Socialism, the reunification and now as citizens of the Federal Republic Germany.

Village Love

The  so called „flat-land“ of Thuringia is unknown to most people. The rural areas of the former GDR seem to be big black holes in the middle of nothing. A no-mans-land. Here in the area of Kyffhäuserkreis lies the small village Berka. It’s close to the river Wipper and home to approximately 800 people.
More or less by coincidence three outstanding photo series originate from here, documenting the life of the villagers over decades. Surprisingly the pictures show, in large parts, a paradise, in which the villagers live and work together happily. A village idyll.
The documentary film VILLAGE LOVE depicts the thuringian village of Berka in it’s transition over time, from 1949 to 2006. Two photographers, Ludwig Schirmer and Werner Mahler, photographed Berka over two decades. Their poetic photo series, depicting a functioning village community, are the basis of this film.
It’s a dramatic and thrilling story about the people of the village Berka and how they have repeatedly attempted to  establish and maintain an existencE: during a post-war period, under the pressure of socialism, during the unification of Germany and currently as citizens of the Republik of Germany.
The photo series are part of the narrative. They depict village life as idyllic, but also tough and merciless in some situations. The photos visualize and contextualize the past. The result is a documentation of how rural life in eastern Germany has transformed over time.

Book/ Director: Pamela Meyer- Arndt
Cinemathography: Peter Badel (bvk)
Camera Assistant: Agnetha Lang
Editor: Gudrun Steinbrück
Editor Assistant: Phillip Weigold
Sound Recordist: Jürgen Schönhoff
Composer: Mario Schneider, Cornelius Renz
Sound Designer: Hans Schumann
Sound Mixing: Studio Mitte, Jörg Höhne
Color Correction: Koppfilm, Tobias Schaarschmidt
Executive Producer: Christian Beetz
Producer: Maria Wischnewski
Line Producer: Kathrin Isberner
Production Assistant: Nick Pastucha, Denis Dötzel
Production Supervisor: Daniela Schöne
Line Producer MDR: Frank Egner
Editorial MDR: Beate Schönfeld




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