Euromaidan - Diary of a War Foretold

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The film "Euromaidan - Diary of a War Foretold," for the first time gives a profound insight into the DNA of Ukraine told from the perspective of the young documentary filmmaker Alina Gorlova. She is part of a young generation of Ukrainians and leads us through the events from the Maidan revolution 2013 up to today’s events. We show how Ukraine changed from a country suborned by Russian interests to a confident nation that seeks independence from historical Soviet ties.




90 min


Nadine Neumann, Dietrich Duppel & Dana Wolfe



It is a story about conspiracy, corruption, information warfare, big money, the ongoing power struggle between the US/Russia and the EU.

“Maybe this war was necessary for us to find ourselves as a nation.” It is a provocative statement by Ukrainian documentary filmmaker Alina Gorlova, with whom we filmed in mid-September of 2022 in Butscha, lrpin and Kyiv. But there is much truth in this sentence: the Ukrainians have been a nation oppressed for centuries, divided, killed, enslaved, now sticking together like pitch and brimstone and fighting relentlessly for their long-awaited freedom. Everyone, from President Vlodymyr Selensky, the two Klitschko brothers, Ukrainian IT experts to ordinary peasants – they all fight united against the Russian aggressors.

Alina Gorlova filmed the Maidan revolution at the age of 22. The footage is incredibly strong, taken in the middle of Maidan Square, which she has made available to us exclusively. “This is where the war began,” the filmmaker says, referring to the 78 demonstrators that were shot by snipers.

The committed and courageous struggle of Ukrainians, starting from the protests on the Maidan, changed the entire statics of Europe and was a proxy for an emerging development. Another state in close alliance with the EU would mean a significant loss of power for Putin. And so there was a lot at stake when, almost 10 years ago, people took to the streets and fought for their rights.

Our investigative documentary shows how major geopolitical changes have had their starting point in the Euromaidan and how the protests in Ukraine can certainly be seen as a kind of a catalyst that set extensive processes in motion in the world. Internal political unrest, first in Russia, then in Ukraine, has led Putin to shift to an increasingly consistent power policy. Partly in order to use these foreign policy successes to keep the people in the country calm. At the same time, Germany and France in particular have contributed to the geopolitical situation with inconsistent foreign policy in solidarity with the EU, which was then ruthlessly exploited by Russia. Putin was only able to implement his strategy of confrontation with all neighboring countries through a weakened Ukraine. So it is not only a film about an unusual revolution in Europe, it is at the same time a contemporary historical thriller up to the highly topical political present.

One year after the outbreak of the war and ten years after the protests in Kiev, it is time to take stock, reconstruct the war and the Euromaidan revolution, and take a closer look at the geopolitical consequences with leading experts on Eastern Europe and eyewitnesses from all perspectives.

We are writing the “diary of a war foretold” with high-end film footage, some of which has never been released. Alternating between poetry and horror our common thread brings the voice of young Ukrainians up close and personal to screens across the world.

Written by

Nadine Neumann
Reinhardt Beetz

Directed by

Nadine Neumann
Dietrich Duppel
Dana Wolfe


Jonny Müller-Goldenstedt
Dominik van Alst
Ted R. Tuel
Stefan Wiesen
Matthew Reber
Alina Gorlova
Kristina Lizogub 
Vyacheskaw Tsvetkov
Marcus Winterbauer 


Nicolas Winkelhahn
Daniel Cehic
Michael Thäle


Fabian Teichmann




Pierre Brand

Color Grading

Biggi Klier

Service Production Ukraine

Tabor LTD

Expert advice

Prof. Dr. Gwendolyn Sasse

Archive Producers

Florian Tropp
Margarita Dreiling

Production Management

Juliane Hribar (GBF)
Evelyn Wenzel (MDR)


Nadine Neumann
Margarita Dreiling

Editorial Department

Thomas Beyer (MDR)
Barbara Bouillon (Arte)

Executive Producer

Reinhardt Beetz

Produced by Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion GmbH – A Leonine Company
In coproduction with MDR
In collaboration with ARTE
Funded by Creative MEDIA

Euromaidan – Diary of a War Foretold

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