Gasoline Deluxe – A roadmovie with Friedrich Liechtenstein

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German entertainer and musician Friedrich Liechtenstein is searching for happiness at the most unusual sites: at Gas Stations. On his mission to convince the world of gas stations being today’s most romantic places he embarks on a musical gas station road trip throughout Europe.




90 min


Jeremy JP Fekete, Marco Wilms, Tuan Lam



German entertainer and musician Friedrich Liechtenstein – the most surprising internet star  who has become world famous since the release of his song and commercial “Supergeil” – doesn’t just rest on his 15 million hits on YouTube, bathing in the flood of “Likes” from all over the world. Quite the contrary, Mr. Liechtenstein and his signature tailored suits, golden fingernails and full white beard are already on a new mission: Instead of “supergeil” the word is now: “super filled-up”.

Of course, this journey is not just about pumping gas, but about the scent of freedom, about meeting charismatic fellow artists, critical economists, futorologists and historians as well as tired truck drivers, lovey-dovey couples and lonely commuters.
Gas Stations are the places to be – at least for Friedrich Liechtenstein. The anonymity of the transit allow elusive but truthful encounters with the most diverse protagonists: The owner of one of the oldest backyard gas stations in Vienna saw the city and their inhabitants change over the past 84 years. The notorious Fiat heir Lapo Elkann is eager to show Liechtenstein an exclusive insight into his rebuilding of the “Garage Italia”, a famous historic gas station in Milan. Léa Linster, the Michelin-starred chef from Luxemburg, welcomes Friedrich Liechtenstein at the former gas station of her father – now her top restaurant – to cook with him. There is dancing, music performance, discussion, sleeping, painting –  as well as the beauty of everyday routines happening at gas stations.

Almost en passant Mr. Liechtenstein elaborates his very own philosophical theories about the sovereignity of the algae, the embrace of the ugly and the power of dancing.

“Gasoline Deluxe” is a pop-cultural tribute to the gas station as a non-place, a poetic embrace of a place that’s about to vanish, a roadmovie between reality and fiction, between trash and poetry.

Jeremy JP Fekete, Marco Wilms, Tuan Lam

Friedrich Liechtenstein

Assistant Director
Veronika Kaserer

Editing & Sound Design
Christian R. Timmann, Lisa Lischewsky

Axel Schneppat, Peter Erlemann, Marco Wilms

Additional Camera
Konrad Waldmann, Valentin Selmke, Sebastian Hattop

Christine Hiam

Sound Recordists
Thomas Warneke, Thomas Funk, Martin Rohrmoser

Jörg Höhne

Graphic Artist
Xavier Agudo

Set Design
Stefanie Probst, Stefanie Hinterauer

Laura Bull, Jano Ben Chaabane

Production Manager
Eva Weerts

Production Assistants
Anique Roelfsema, Meike Wenthe

Postproduction Supervisor
Xavier Agudo

Assistant Postproduction
Leonard Israel

Daniela Schöne, Sandra Zentgraf

Georg Tschurtschenthaler, Tuan Lam

Coordination Postproduction & Assistant Producer
Caroline Schaper

Editorial Interns
Nina Hölzl, Julian Hohlfeld, Max Rodermund, Daria Pleggenkuhle

Executive Producer
Christian Beetz

Commissioning Editors
Wolfgang Bergmann (ZDF/arte)
Martin Traxl (ORF)
Olaf Grunert (ZDF/arte)
Ed Moschitz (ORF)
Catherine Le Goff (arte G.E.I.E.)

Gasoline Deluxe

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