Hong Kong Moments

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Hong Kong has always been an outsider. A city of economic power, a harbour between the Western world and China — and a place of longing for freedom.




90 min


Zhou Bing


Through a multitude of perspectives this film tells the stories of seven protagonists in the centre of the protest movement in Hong Kong. The largest protest takes place in three districts. In Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Hong Kong Island protestors fight against the authorities. Seven protagonists are involved: a protestor, a policeman, a first-aid worker, a councillor who represents Beijing, a pro-democracy community officer who wants to win the next election, a restaurant owner who supports the police and a taxi driver whose son has disappeared for weeks to fight in the streets. While the protests continue the protagonists are confronted with the more and more divided society. Each of them stand for specific geopolitical conflicts.

What decisions do they need to make to be able to hold on to their dreams in this battlefield? The stories will be interweaved in short sequences and determine the pace of the film — as dynamic as the protests themselves. Shot mainly with a hand-held camera, this dynamic style creates authenticity and closeness to the protagonists and the events during the protests. They are more than only an act against the establishment, they stand for a global, turbulent and uncontrollable phenomenon: Hong Kong has always been an outsider. A city of economic power, a harbour between the Western world and China — and a place of longing for freedom.


Zhou Bing

Executive Producer

Tuan Lam, Ricky Choy


Christian Beetz

Assistant Directors

Shi Lei, Choy Sui Kei, Lin Wai Lam, Song Ge, Guan Jian

Directors of Photography

Wade John Muller, Xue Ming, Lin Qian Sha, Chung Cheuk Fan, Tang Chi Long, Chen Xu Jian, Yi Bing Quan

Camera Assistants

Lau Chung Wai Wu Ke, Lu Song He, Ye Zhen Qiang, Wang Sida, Shi Yi

Sound Recordists

Chu San Ting, Lam Yun Kwan, Fung Yiu Tong

Kwok Hon Fan

Additional Editing

Yeung Ka Wai Jones, Chen Xu Jian, Guan Jian Focus, Ji Man Jia Frentee


Sonic Lee

Line Producers

Shi Lei, Kathrin Isberner


Hong Kong Moments
  • „Just in diesem Moment überraschen uns die aus dem Theaterbereich stammenden jungen Regisseure Hans Block und Moritz Riesewieck mit einem erstaunlichen Dokumentarfilm, der seit Monaten Publikum und Kritik auf den wichtigsten Festivals der Welt elektrisiert. Völlig zu Recht: Es ist, als würden einem die Scheuklappen weggerissen, als sähe man das, was sich seit Jahren direkt vor unseren Augen abspielt, zum ersten Mal unverschleiert... eine fesselnde ,Doku noir' mit höchstem Anspruch...Dieser Film müsste an allen Schulen gezeigt werden.“
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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