Ulrich Seidl

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Ever since the 1990s when he started to make documentaries and later on when he developed a new semi-documentary style, the Austrian filmmaker became one of the most discussed and influential world cinema directors.




52 min


Constantin Wulff


Ulrich Seidl gained wide attention through the success of his fictional movie “Dog Days” (2001), which won the Grand Jury Special Prize at Venice Film Festival the same year.  Seidl founded his own production company in 2003 in order to work more freely. He subsequently released “Jesus, You Know” (2003). Simultaneously, he staged his first theatre piece at Berlin’s famous Volksbühne, named “Our Father”. Between 2008 and 2012, Seidl worked on a major project called “Paradise”. The extraordinary five-hour-long trilogy describes the holiday-adventures of three very different women and is divided into three parts. “Paradise: Love” captures the experiences of a female sex-tourist, “Paradise: Faith” tells the story of a catholic missionary and “Paradise: Hope” accompanies a teenager into a diet-camp.

After that, Seidl was working on two completely different projects: the documentary “Im Keller” and the theatre piece “Böse Buben”. Some of the sequences and protagonists of “Im Keller”/”In the Cellar” have already been shot while doing the documentary, but, as usual, Seidl keeps shooting even during the editing process. The theatre piece “Böse Buben” had it’s premiere in Munich in June 200.

Both projects, the documentary and the theatre piece, are inseparable: time-wise, thematically and via a few protagonists they share. Both projects centre around the topic of “men and their view of the world”. Seidl uses both the documentary and the theatre piece to accentuate this topic and explore the interesting “heart of the matter”.

Our documentary “Ulrich Seidl und die bösen Buben” accompanies the filmmaker during his quest for new topics and their implementation with both fictional (theatre) and non-fictional (documentary) protagonists. An ideal opportunity to discover Seidl’s typical way to constantly shift between “authenticity” and “staging” from both perspectives. This way, we can attempt to grasp his headstrong personality and his artistic cosmos.

Written and directed by
Constantin Wulff

Director of Photography
Johannes Hammel

Dieter Pichler

Claus Benischke
Andreas Hamza
Klaus Kellermann

Georg Tschurtschenthaler

Werner Schweizer
Christian Beetz

Executive producer
Johannes Rosenberger

Commissioning Editors
Martin Pieper (ZDF/arte)
Denise Chervet (SRF)
Urs Augstburger(SRF)
Beate Thalberg (ORF)

The Cleaners
88 min
  • „Just in diesem Moment überraschen uns die aus dem Theaterbereich stammenden jungen Regisseure Hans Block und Moritz Riesewieck mit einem erstaunlichen Dokumentarfilm, der seit Monaten Publikum und Kritik auf den wichtigsten Festivals der Welt elektrisiert. Völlig zu Recht: Es ist, als würden einem die Scheuklappen weggerissen, als sähe man das, was sich seit Jahren direkt vor unseren Augen abspielt, zum ersten Mal unverschleiert... eine fesselnde ,Doku noir' mit höchstem Anspruch...Dieser Film müsste an allen Schulen gezeigt werden.“
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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