Our visually stunning documentary series “New Zealand from Above” will be shown on TV for the first time. From 8th to 12th of October the cultural channel arte airs every day at 7.30 pm one episode of the five-part series. Impressive nature pictures give an insight in the fascinating landscape, the diverse culture and the incredible beauty of these pacific islands.
monday 08.10. at 7.30pm on arte / episode 1: ” The Far South”
tuesday 09.10. at 7.30pm on arte / episode 2: “Central South Island”
wednesday 10.10. at 7.30pm on arte / episode 3: “The West Coast and Northern South Island”
thursday 11.10. at 7.30pm on arte / episode 4: “Southern North Island and Volcanic Plateau”
friday 12.10. at 7.30pm on arte / episode 5: “Northland”